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ASE Certified | Kauai Vehicle Service Center

ASE Certification

For an automotive professional who has passed several tests on various specialties, the next step is to become an ASE Master Certified Mechanic. The test covers a large number of vehicle aspects, including:

  • Truck Equipment
  • School Buses
  • Various forms of transit buses
  • Engine mechanics
  • Collision repair
  • Medium truck repair
  • Heavy truck repair

Each of these tests involve passing multiple exams. All of the exams must be passed in order to receive the AES Master Certification. These tests must be passed every five years in order to maintain certification.

Why Does Automotive Service Excellence Certification Matter?

When a customer brings their vehicle in for repairs, they want to know their car is being fixed by a reputable professional. Customers trust the Automotive Service Excellence Certification seal because they know their mechanic is a master in vehicle repair.

When the ASE seal is displayed outside of a service station, customers know there is at least one mechanic in the building with the best automotive education available. They know their vehicle is in good hands and will be repaired with the best craftsmanship possible.